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Ida - Gertrude Stein & Logan Esdale
Gertrude Stein & Logan Esdale:
Ida - neues Buch

2012, ISBN: 53812ef4e610cec6ff1b74807c492b14

ID: 646320615

Gertrude Stein wanted Ida to be known in two ways: as a novel about a woman in the age of celebrity culture and as a text with its own story to tell. With the publication of this workshop edition of Ida, we have the novel exactly as it was published in 1941, and we also have the full record of its creation. Logan Esdale offers informative critical commentary and judiciously selected archival materials to illuminate Stein?s experience of authorship from the novel?s beginning in early summer 1937, through the various drafts and negotiations with her publisher, to the reviews that greeted the book?s publication. Stein?s careful and systematic preservation of all Ida-related materials for her archive at the Yale University Library was a conscious decision, and an invitation for us to study the complexity of her creative process., 2012
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Erscheinungsjahr: 2012

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