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Whispers and Lies
Whispers and Lies - neues Buch

2014, ISBN: 9783120101154


Fielding explores the darkness of people's souls in this story of a woman whose life is radically changed by a mysterious neighbour. Terry Painter enjoys her quiet life in tranquil Delray, Florida, where the single, forty-year-old nurse lives alone in the house she inherited from her mother. When young, vibrant Alison Simms rents the cottage on her property, the two women strike up a fast friendship -- and Terry is swept into a fantastic new life: dinners out, shopping, makeovers, even flirting with the handsome son of one of her elderly patients. But nothing about her newfound companion is as it appears, as Terry discovers when Alison's closely guarded past comes to light. Now Terry is locked into a race to reclaim her own life -- before she opens the door any further to the stranger she thought she knew...;;;;9780743448642;9780743448642;0;5.99;1;pc;11;;;;1 3OMN14H674Q;Wild Cards - Jokers Wild;6.98;;Bücher / Belletristik / Science Fiction & Fantasy;;;;;9780765365095;9780765365095;0;6.98;1;pc;11;;;;1 9BU5C6588BL;The Forever of Ella and Micha;8.38;;Bücher / Belletristik / Romane & Erzählungen;THE NUMBER ONE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHORElla and Micha have been through tragedy, heartbreak, and love. When they are with each other, anything seems possible. But now they are thousands of miles apart . . .Ella continues going to school and tries to deal with her past, desperate for Micha to be by her side, but she refuses to let her problems get in the way of his dreams.Micha spends his days traveling the country with the band, but being away from Ella is harder than he thought. He wants her closer to him -- needs her with him. But he won't ask her to leave college, just to be with him.The few moments they do spend together are fleeting, intense, and filled with passion. They know they want to be together, but is wanting something enough to get them to their forever?;;;;9780751552270;9780751552270;0;8.38;1;pc;11;;;;1 AJH78VRUCO8;Metal Swarm. Der Metallschwarm, englische Ausgabe;7.49;;Bücher / Belletristik / Science Fiction & Fantasy / Fantastische Literatur;The alien hydrogues have been defeated, driven back into the cores of their gas-giant planets by an alliance of the Earth Defence Forces, the ancient Ildiran Empire, the gypsy-like Roamer clans and gigantic living 'treeships'. The various factions try to recover - but the deep-seated wounds may prove fatal.The Hansa's brutal Chairman Basil Wenceslas struggles to crush any resistance even as King Peter breaks away to form his own new Confederation among the green priests on Theroc, the Roamer clans and an ever-growing number of colonies who have declared their independence. Like jackals smelling wounded prey, swarms of ancient black robots built by the lost insectoid Klikiss race continue their depredations on helpless worlds with stolen Earth battleships. A race of terrifying fiery elementals, the faeros, has joined with an Ildiran madman to declare war against all life. And the original, voracious Klikiss race - long thought to be extinct - have returned, intent on conquering their former worlds and willing to annihilate anyone who happens to be in the way.;;;;9781416502913;9781416502913;0;7.49;1;pc;11;;;;1 CRQ1KJJUH2E;The Mammoth Book of the World Cup;12.99;;Bücher / Ratgeber & Freizeit / Sport / Ballsport;A truly comprehensive and definitive guide to the FIFA World Cup, from Uruguay in 1930 to todayAn all-encompassing, chronological guide to football's World Cup, one of the world's few truly international events, in good time for the June 2014 kick-off in Rio de Janeiro. From its beginnings in 1930 to the modern all-singing, all-dancing self-styled 'greatest show on Earth', every tournament is covered with features on major stars and great games, as well as stories about some less celebrated names and quirky stats and intriguing essays.Holt's focus is very much on what takes place on the field, rather than how football is a mirror for economic corruption, or how a nation's style of play represents a profound statement about its people, or how a passion for football can lift underpaid, socially marginalised people out of poverty.From the best World Cups, in 1958 and 1970, to the worst, in 1962 and 2010, he looks behind the facts and the technical observations to the stories: the mysterious sins of omission, critical injuries to key players, and coaching U-turns.He explains how England's World Cup achievements under Sven-Göran Eriksson, far from being a national disgrace, were actually quite impressive, and looks at why Alf Ramsey didn't take Bobby Charlton off in 1970, but this is no parochial, jingoistic account.The book also asks why Brazil did not contribute in 1966, despite having won the previous two tournaments and going on to win the next one? Why the greatest players of their day did not always shine at the World Cup - George Best and Alfredo Di Stefano, for example, never even made it to the Finals. Why did Johann Cruyff not go to the 1978 World Cup? And why did one of Germany's greatest players never play in the World Cup?There are lots of tables, some filled with obvious, but necessary information, but others with more quirky observations. Alongside accounts of epic games, there are also brief biographies of all the great heroes of the World Cup.;;;;9781472110466;9781472110466;0;12.99;1;pc;11;;;;1 J0MBHQMNNUA;Even the Dead;9.99;;Bücher / Belletristik / Spannung / Krimis & Thrillers;NO CRIME IS EVER TRULY BURIED...Visceral, gritty and cinematic, Even the Dead is the latest stylish thriller from John Banville's crime-writing alter ego, Benjamin Black.Pathologist Quirke works in the city morgue, watching over Dublin's dead. The latest to join their ghostly ranks is a suicide. But something doesn't add up. The victim has a suspicious head wound, and the only witness has vanished, every trace of her wiped away.On the trail of the missing woman, Quirke finds himself drawn into the shadowy world of Dublin's elite - secret societies, High Church politics and corrupt politicians. It leads him to a long-buried conspiracy that involves his own family. But it's too late to go back now...THE DEAD WILL BE HEARD'Fresh and original' Guardian'Warm, sensitive, psychologically acute characterisation' Indepedent on Sunday'Quirke is human enough to swell the hardest of hearts' GQ'A beach read for the brainy' LA Times'Superb' Irish Times'Beautifully written' Literary review'Ravishing prose' Independent;;;;9780241197356;9780241197356;0;9.99;1;pc;11;;;;1 I9E4LEK880U;The Charming Quirks of Others, 4 Audio-CDs;6.86;;Bücher / Hörbücher / Roman Hörbuch;Isabel Dalhousie, Edinburgh philosopher and curious observer of the behaviour of her fellow man, is approached by a friend at a local boarding school that is planning to appoint a new headmaster, an anonymous letter has arrived suggesting that one of the shortlisted candidates has a compromising past. But which one is it? Isabel is once again drawn into an investigation, and finds herself exploring dilemmas of human weakness and forgiveness. She turns to her fiancé Jamie for advice, but he too appears to have something to hide . . .;;;;9781405508858;9781405508858;0;6.86;1;pc;11;;;;1 4VKJSBE3SE1;Die drei !!! - Party des Grauens;5.95;;Bücher / Kinder- & Jugendbücher / Lesen bis 11 Jahre;Clever und frech - der 32. Fall der Kult-DetektivinnenKim, Franzi und Marie stecken mitten in den Vorbereitungen für die große Halloweenparty des Jugendzentrums, doch plötzlich geschehen seltsame Dinge: Alle Wünsche, die die Freundinnen leichtfertig aussprechen, gehen auf einmal in Erfüllung und haben gefährliche Folgen ... Liegt über den drei Detektivinnen etwa ein Fluch?;;;;9783423716680;9783423716680;0;5.95;1;pc;11;;;;1 2USG88B622B;Was ich schaffe, überdauert die Zeit;3.50;;Bücher / Agenden, Geschenkbücher & Kalender;Die arabische Kalligraphie wurde über die Jahrtausende zur wichtigsten Kunstform im Islam. Sie ist Musik für die Augen. Ihre Schönheit, ihr Rhythmus und ihre Vielfalt faszinieren unabhängig vom Inhalt des Geschriebenen. Rafik Schami hat in diesem kleinen Buch eine kurze Geschichte der Kalligraphie geschrieben, die zugleich eine Liebeserklärung ist an eine Kunst, die viele große europäische Maler und Schriftsteller begeistert hat.;;;;9783446230439;9783446230439;0;3.50;1;pc;11;;;;1 39B5NNMT71I;Denkwege in die Rechtschreibung, Klasse 5-6;16.75;;Bücher / Schule & Lernen / Lernhilfen / Sekundarstufe I;Abgestimmt auf die HSP 5-9 bieten wir Ihnen ein Arbeitsmaterial, das auf dem vorangegangenen aufbaut, es weiterführt und den Stoff der Grundschule zusammenfasst. Es zielt auf alle drei Strategien und behandelt ein vergleichsweise komplex gebildetes Wortmaterial. Wenige a-Seiten stützen die Basis. Mit perforierten und gelochten Seiten zum Herausnehmen. Bücher / Belletristik / Spannung / Krimis & Thrillers, [PU: Klett, Stuttgart]
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a-o-m 5/6. Schülerarbeitsmappe. Denkwege in die Rechtschreibung - Heiko Balhorn, Inge Büchner
Heiko Balhorn, Inge Büchner:
a-o-m 5/6. Schülerarbeitsmappe. Denkwege in die Rechtschreibung - neues Buch

ISBN: 312010115X

[SR: 1325434], Tapa blanda reforzada, [EAN: 9783120101154], Verlag F.Pädag.Medien, Verlag F.Pädag.Medien, Libro, [PU: Verlag F.Pädag.Medien], Verlag F.Pädag.Medien, 599365031, Categorías, 902486031, Arte, cine y fotografía, 902498031, Biografías, diarios y hechos reales, 902502031, Calendarios y agendas, 902503031, Ciencias, tecnología y medicina, 902613031, Cocina, bebida y hospitalidad, 902516031, Cómics y manga, 902517031, Consulta, 902520031, Deporte, 902590031, Derecho, 902595031, Economía y empresa, 902681031, Erótica, 1349107031, Fantasía y ciencia ficción, 902599031, Guías de estudio y repaso, 902600031, Historia, 902610031, Hogar, manualidades y estilos de vida, 902620031, Humor, 902621031, Infantil, 902652031, Informática, internet y medios digitales, 12942013031, Juvenil, 902665031, Lengua, lingüística y redacción, 902673031, Libros de texto, 15246790031, Libros universitarios y de estudios superiores, 902729031, Libros y guías de viaje, 902674031, Literatura y ficción, 902685031, Policíaca, negra y suspense, 902693031, Política, 902702031, Religión, 902686031, Romántica, 902716031, Salud, familia y desarrollo personal, 902721031, Sociedad y ciencias sociales, 599364031, Libros, 599368031, Categorías, 903468031, Acción y aventura, 903279031, Arte, cine y fotografía, 903291031, Biografías, diarios y hechos reales, 903295031, Calendarios, 903296031, Ciencias, tecnología y medicina, 903310031, Consulta, 903309031, Cómics y manga, 903313031, Deporte, 903383031, Derecho, 903388031, Economía y empresa, 1349088031, Fantasía, terror y ciencia ficción, 903474031, Ficción erótica, 903475031, Ficción histórica, 903392031, Guías de estudio y repaso, 903393031, Historia, 903403031, Hogar, manualidades y estilos de vida, 903413031, Humor, 903414031, Infantil y juvenil, 903445031, Informática, internet y medios digitales, 903458031, Lengua, lingüística y redacción, 903522031, Libros y guías de viaje, 903467031, Literatura y ficción, 903478031, Policíaca, negra y suspense, 903486031, Política, 903495031, Religión, 903479031, Romántica, 903509031, Salud, familia y desarrollo personal, 903514031, Sociedad y ciencias sociales, 599367031, Libros en idiomas extranjeros
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Denkwege in die Rechtschreibung, Klasse 5-6 - Balhorn, Heiko Buechner, Inge
Balhorn, Heiko Buechner, Inge:
Denkwege in die Rechtschreibung, Klasse 5-6 - gebunden oder broschiert

2005, ISBN: 9783120101154

[ED: Kartoniert / Broschiert], [PU: Klett Auer Verlag fuer paedagogische Medien vpm], Heiko Balhorn ist Professor fuer Sprachdidaktik an der Uni Hamburg. Er war Uhrmacher, Lehrer, ist Verleger und seit zwoelf Jahren gemeinsam mit Hans Bruegelmann, DE, [SC: 0.00], Neuware, gewerbliches Angebot, Hardcover, 96, [GW: 333g], PayPal
Moluna GmbH
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Denkwege i.Rechtschr.Kl.5-6 - Bahlhorn,H.
Denkwege i.Rechtschr.Kl.5-6 - neues Buch

2005, ISBN: 9783120101154

ID: 86011177

Erscheinungsdatum: 03/2005, Medium: Mappe, Titel: a-o-m 5/6. Schülerarbeitsmappe. Denkwege in die Rechtschreibung, Autor: Balhorn, Heiko // Büchner, Inge, Verlag: Verlag f.pädag.Medien // Verlag fr p?dagogische Medien, Sprache: Deutsch, Schlagworte: Deutsch // Schulbuch // Kommunikation, Rubrik: Schulbücher, Gewicht: 337 gr, Verkäufer: averdo Sonstige, [PU: Klett, Stuttgart]
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a-o-m 5/6. Schülerarbeitsmappe. Denkwege in die Rechtschreibung - Balhorn, Heiko; Büchner, Inge
Balhorn, Heiko; Büchner, Inge:
a-o-m 5/6. Schülerarbeitsmappe. Denkwege in die Rechtschreibung - neues Buch

2005, ISBN: 312010115X

ID: A10576052

Unbekannter Einband Deutsch / Schulbuch, Deutsch/ Kommunikation, Deutsch, mit Schutzumschlag neu, [PU:Verlag f.pädag.Medien; Verlag für pädagogische Medien im Ernst Klett Verlag] Buch- und Medienhandel, 14621 Schönwalde-Glien
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Detailangaben zum Buch - a-o-m 5/6. Schülerarbeitsmappe. Denkwege in die Rechtschreibung

EAN (ISBN-13): 9783120101154
ISBN (ISBN-10): 312010115X
Gebundene Ausgabe
Erscheinungsjahr: 2005
Herausgeber: Klett Ernst /Schulbuch
Gewicht: 0,372 kg
Sprache: ger/Deutsch

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