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Mission To Kill - Lizbeth Lipperman
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Lizbeth Lipperman:
Mission To Kill - neues Buch

ISBN: 9781531876685

ID: 978153187668

Trouble follows the Garcia sisters, and this time a close family friend is in the hot seat. Once again they band together to come to his aid. But even with the trash-talking ghost of their dead sister, Tessa, making another appearance from the other side, they have their work cut out for them to keep their friend and sibling from wearing an orange jumpsuit. After Emily Ruiz Santiago is killed in a shootout with police during a bank robbery in El Paso, Dr. Kate Garcia gets a call from a Houston lawyer. Seems the woman has left her sizable inheritance to Kate and family friend, Benny Yates, who runs the Mission of Hope, a soup kitchen for the down and out citizens of Vineyard. The problem is the Emily they knew lived on the streets of Vineyard and died of a drug overdose three months before. Suspicion falls on Benny when another homeless person drops dead at the Mission, and he is listed as the beneficiary on the man''s recent life insurance policy. The Garcia sisters go into sleuth mode once again to keep their friend out of jail before they discover one of their own is also a suspect. Lizbeth Lipperman, Books, Mystery and Suspense, Mission To Kill Books>Mystery and Suspense, Brilliance Audio

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Mission To Kill

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EAN (ISBN-13): 9781531876685
Herausgeber: Brilliance Audio

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