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Do you want to overcome the feeling of loneliness? Are you experiencing the battle of loneliness? Are you tired of fighting this feeling and not knowing what to do? You are not alone. Many singles today deal with the feeling of loneliness, thinking their life is empty or that they are missing something because they donat have a mate. How do you deal with the loneliness in your life? You and God, The Single Life, an uplifting book from author Gwendolyn Kirkland, shows you how to step out of flesh and enter into a powerful relationship with God in your loneliness. She shares the steps she took by reconstructing herself and building an intimate relationship with God to help her gain control of the loneliness she felt inside and have victory over it. Youall see how faith, trust and patience in God will cause a major breakthrough in your loneliness and help you to live your single life the way you were meant to.

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ISBN (ISBN-10): 1592868703

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