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Roessler, Walter; Gomez, Leo; Green, Gail Lynne; Wagstaff, Patty:

Amelia Earhart - Case Closed? (Historic Aviation Series) - Taschenbuch

1996, ISBN: 9780938716242

PA: Aviation Publishers Book / Markowski International Publishers, 1996. First Edition. Trade Paperback. Near Fine. First edition. Pencil name and address on front wrapper verso. 1996 T… Mehr…

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Amelia Earhart - Case Closed? (Historic Aviation Series) - Roessler, Walter; Gomez, Leo; Green, Gail Lynne; Wagstaff, Patty
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Roessler, Walter; Gomez, Leo; Green, Gail Lynne; Wagstaff, Patty:

Amelia Earhart - Case Closed? (Historic Aviation Series) - Erstausgabe

1996, ISBN: 0938716247


[EAN: 9780938716242], Near Fine, [PU: Aviation Publishers Book / Markowski International Publishers], TRANSPORTATION AVIATION HISTORY AMELIA EARHART BIOGRAPHY, First edition. Pencil name … Mehr…

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Amelia Earhart - Case Closed? (Historic Aviation Series) - Roessler, Walter, Gomez, Leo, Green, Gail Lynne
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Roessler, Walter, Gomez, Leo, Green, Gail Lynne:
Amelia Earhart - Case Closed? (Historic Aviation Series) - Taschenbuch


ISBN: 9780938716242

Aviation Publishers,U.S. Taschenbuch, Auflage: First Edition, 206 Seiten, Publiziert: 1995-11-01T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Buch, 0.75 kg, Sozialwissenschaft, Kategorien, Bücher, Biografie… Mehr…

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Walter Roessler, Leo Gomez, Gail Lynne Green:
Amelia Earhart - Case Closed?: Case Closed (Historic Aviation Series) - signiertes Exemplar

ISBN: 9780938716242

Aeronautical Publishers. Collectible - Very Good. Signed Copy Collectible - Very Good. Signed/Inscribed by Roessler & Gomez on reverse of front cover., Aeronautical Publishers, 3

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Amelia Earhart - Case Closed? - Roessler, Walter
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Roessler, Walter:
Amelia Earhart - Case Closed? - gebrauchtes Buch

1996, ISBN: 9780938716242

Softcover book. 208 pages. Published by Markowski International Publishers (1996) Media > Not Applicable

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Details zum Buch
Amelia Earhart - Case Closed? (Historic Aviation Series)

On July 2, 1937, in a totally capable, twin-engined airplane, America's First Lady of the Air disappeared in the South Pacafic, creating one of the 20th Century's greatest mysteries. This book, the only one on Amelia Earhart endorsed by top aviation authorities, explores the woman, the technology, the circumstances, and the intrigue. Jam-packed with facts that will inform and inspire you, you'll feel the authors' enthusiasm and love for aviation, and appreciate their attention to detail. So get into your favorite easy chair and fasten your seatbelt. You're in for an incredible journey. Discover the Answers to These Gripping Questions: Why did she disappear? Was she on a secret spy mission? Was she captured by the Japanese? Has a piece of her airplane or a shoe been found? How accurate was her navigation? Was the flight sabatoged? Was she proficient with her radios? Was she a skiiled-enough pilot? What really happened? The authors---both pilots, mechanics, and aviation experts in their own right---present the true and most accurate story. Breaking new factual and logical ground, a fascinating portrait of Amelia emerges, stripped of media hype, providing a reality known by few. A work of extensive, well documented research, superlative synthesis, and inescapable conclusion, Amelia Earhart--Case Closed? reveals the truth about this courgeous woman and her attempt to circle the globe. You'll gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for who this corageous woman was and what she did. You'll learn the truth about what happened to her and be inspired by her determination... Patty Wagstaff, National Aerobatic Champion, says this in her Foreword: Amelia Earhart was American as apple pie. She's one of our most beloved heroines, who fascinated the word with her special charm and vision. Decades after her disappearance, we are still intriqued with her exploits, accomplishments, and life. Known to many as AE, she was on a mission, as are all great adventurers and goal achievers. Her mission was our mission and is an integral part of our culture. Amelia combined forward thinking with daring and strove for accomplishment with bravery, and that is her legacy. During the 50s and 60s when I grew up, role models weren't so designated, however, Amelia was a role model for me. People loved calling her the female Lindbergh, perhaps to explian or justify how a woman could be so capable, confident, and motivated. It was often said that she was ahead of her time, but I believe she was in tune with it. She sensed the opportunities before her and took advantage of them. The reason Amelia is still considered so great is that she forged ahead with her goals. She went up against the odds facing her as a woman, particularly in aviation. She was able to look an interviewer or camera in the eye and talk about her journey and her mission, without apologies or excuses. She never sacrificed her personality or lost her identity. She always maintained her womanhood and a certain sweetness, while participating in what was considered a man's field. She and many others knew she was a pilot, not just a woman pilot. She was able to transcend preconceived ideas about women in aviation, and advocated women doing other things only men had done. This was her gift to me as a woman, and indeed to all of us. There has never been a shortage of theories about Amelia's fate. With impeccable qualificaitons as airframe and powerplanet mechanics, pilots, and aviation experts, the authors took on a real challenge with this book.The result is a reader-friendly, provocative book that I couldn't put down. I felt like I was in the cockpit with Amelia! They present the facts, sharing the results of their well-documented research. As Amelia's life continues to inspire us, we are fortunate to have this book that reveals the truth about her life and journey.

Detailangaben zum Buch - Amelia Earhart - Case Closed? (Historic Aviation Series)

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780938716242
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0938716247
Erscheinungsjahr: 1995
Herausgeber: Aviation Publishers,U.S.

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