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based on the novel by Dorothy Allison Kate Moira Ryan:

Cavedweller - Acting Edition - Taschenbuch

2005, ISBN: 0822219913

[EAN: 9780822219910], Used, good, [PU: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.], A+ Customer service! Satisfaction Guaranteed! Book is in Used-Good condition. Pages and cover are clean and intact. … Mehr…

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Kate Moira Ryan, based on the novel by D:

Cavedweller - Acting Edition - Taschenbuch

2005, ISBN: 0822219913

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Kate Moira Ryan, Based On The Novel By D:
Cavedweller-Acting Edition - Taschenbuch


ISBN: 9780822219910

Paperback, Great customer service. You will be happy!, New book, P11, [PU: Dramatists Play Service, Inc]

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THE STORY: Adapted from the bestselling novel by Dorothy Allison, CAVEDWELLER follows Delia Byrd, the forty-year-old lead singer of the group Mud Dog whose rock-star boyfriend has just died in an accident, as she decides to leave Los Angeles and return home to rural Georgia with her teenage daughter, Cissy, in tow. Back in Georgia is the ex-husband, now dying of cancer, and the two daughters, Dede and Amanda, that Delia abandoned fourteen years ago. Dede, who seems most like her mother, is the wild and rebellious one, fast on the road to becoming an alcoholic and the town tramp. Amanda, in contrast, has sublimated her anger into becoming a sanctimonious, Bible- thumping fundamentalist. To rebuild a family from the ruins she left behind, Delia has her work cut out for her, but in those ruins and in that work lies the promise of her redemption.

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EAN (ISBN-13): 9780822219910
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0822219913
Erscheinungsjahr: 2005
Herausgeber: Dramatists Play Service, Inc

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ISBN/EAN: 0822219913

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0-8222-1991-3, 978-0-8222-1991-0

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