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The Chicago Bulls Encyclopedia - Alex Sachare, Johnny Kerr
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Alex Sachare, Johnny Kerr:
The Chicago Bulls Encyclopedia - Taschenbuch

ISBN: 0809225158

[SR: 1963323], Taschenbuch, [EAN: 9780809225156], McGraw-Hill Contemporary, McGraw-Hill Contemporary, Book, [PU: McGraw-Hill Contemporary], McGraw-Hill Contemporary, How dominant, how revolutionary, how outsized a presence is Michael Jordan? The answer is found in this comprehensive and attractively illustrated team reference guide on the best players ever to suit up in a Chicago Bulls uniform. The first player profiled--Jordan, of course--gets 30 pages of coverage. The next chapter--the bios of the 11 most distinguished Bulls other than Jordan--is only two pages longer. Still, this is much more than an homage to Michael. The Encyclopedia examines how the team was built and traces its history season by season; records the 16 most memorable moments along the way; analyzes rivalries (Bulls-Lakers '71-'73; Bulls-Pistons '88-'91; and Bulls-Knicks '91-'96); profiles coaches, owners, and announcers; compares the best Bulls seasons to those of other great NBA dynasties; and, as required by the genre, dishes out plenty of stats in all the necessary categories. Unlike most sports references, this one's as pleasing to look at as it is to thumb through. It's got info, but it's also got game. --Jeff Silverman, 58400011, Basketball, 58390011, Sport & Fitness, 54071011, Genres, 52044011, Fremdsprachige Bücher, 208623031, Taschenbuch, 208621031, Format (binding_browse-bin), 366250011, Refinements, 52044011, Fremdsprachige Bücher

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The Chicago Bulls Encyclopedia

Now in paperback, this picture-packed encyclopedia chronicles one of the most successful and popular teams in the history of sports. In rich text, vivid photographs, and tables and statistics, The Chicago Bulls Encyclopedia surveys the franchise from its growth years and early failures through the triumphant '98 season. Readers will enjoy lively profiles and comprehensive statistics on every player who has worn a Bulls uniform.

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ISBN (ISBN-10): 0809225158

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