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Hirsi Ali, Ayaan:

Infidel - Taschenbuch

2008, ISBN: 9780743289696

U.S.A.: Atria Books, 2008. Moderate wear to covers. Pages of text are clean, bright and free of markings. Binding is tight and secure. ***Ships today or next business day. Our book… Mehr…

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Infidel - Hirsi Ali, Ayaan / Hitchens, Christopher
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Hirsi Ali, Ayaan / Hitchens, Christopher:

Infidel - gebrauchtes Buch

ISBN: 9780743289696

In this profoundly affecting memoir from the internationally renowned author of "The Caged Virgin," Ali tells her life story, from her traditional Muslim childhood in Somalia to her intel… Mehr…

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Infidel - Hirsi Ali, Ayaan
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Hirsi Ali, Ayaan:
Infidel - Taschenbuch


ISBN: 9780743289696

Atria Books, Taschenbuch, Auflage: Reprint, 384 Seiten, Publiziert: 2008-04-01T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Buch, Hersteller-Nr.: 9780743289696, 0.78 kg, Verkaufsrang: 15182, Biografien & Er… Mehr…

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali:
Infidel - Taschenbuch

2008, ISBN: 9780743289696

Free Press, 2008. Paperback. Very Good. May have limited writing in cover pages. Pages are unmarked. ~ ThriftBooks: Read More, Spend Less.Dust jacket quality is not guaranteed., Fr… Mehr…

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali:
Infidel - Taschenbuch

2008, ISBN: 9780743289696

Atria Books, 2008 NEW but may have remainder mark. Soft cover. New., Atria Books, 2008, 6

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Details zum Buch

Now in trade paperback, this compelling, critically acclaimed memoir has been a #1 bestseller in Europe, 11 weeks on the NYT bestseller list (as high as #3) and over a month on the Extended list, appeared on the WSJ and other national lists, and received an enormous publicity push in the U.S. Internationally renowned charismatic reformer and sought-after speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been targeted to be murdered for her outspoken efforts to reform Islam and protect Muslim women from violence, repression, and mutilation. In this vivid narrative, she tells her astonishing life story: her childhood in Somalia, her intellectual awakening in Saudi Arabia, and her escape to the West.

Detailangaben zum Buch - Infidel

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780743289696
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0743289692
Gebundene Ausgabe
Erscheinungsjahr: 2008
Herausgeber: Atria Books
368 Seiten
Gewicht: 0,348 kg
Sprache: eng/Englisch

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