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Stipe, Michael and Patti Smith:

Two Times Intro: On the Road With Patti Smith +++ signed TWO TIMES(!) by Patti Smith +++, - signiertes Exemplar

1998, ISBN: 0316815721

Erstausgabe, ID: 8102977848

[EAN: 9780316815727], [PU: Boston, Little Brown & Co,], Biography & Autobiography|Entertainment & Performing Arts, Music|Rock, First US edition (text in English), first printing, signed b… Mehr…

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Zagava, IOBA, Düsseldorf, Germany [3482994] [Rating: 5 (von 5)]
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Stipe, Michael:

Two Times Intro: On the Road With Patti Smith - gebrauchtes Buch

1998, ISBN: 9780316815727

ID: 1250902364

Boston: Little Brown & Company, 1998. First Edition, First Printing. Small quarto. Boards. Near Fine in Near Fine dust jacket Book of photographs by R.E.M. lead singer Michael Stipe and … Mehr…

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Stipe, Michael:
Two Times Intro : On the Road With Patti Smith - gebunden oder broschiert


ISBN: 9780316815727

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Little Brown & Co (T), 1998-04-01. Hardcover. Good. 11.0000 inches 7.4000 inches., Little Brown & Co (T), 1998-04-01

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Stipe, Michael:
2xintro: - Erstausgabe

1998, ISBN: 9780316815727

Gebundene Ausgabe, ID: 11362118452

Hard cover, Little, Brown, 1998, 1st ed., hardcover, very good in very good dj, music, blm50., [ED: 1], [PU: Little Brown and Company]

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Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith - Stipe, Michael
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Stipe, Michael:
Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith - gebrauchtes Buch

ISBN: 9780316815727

ID: 9780316815727

Hardcover book. 112 pages. Published by Little Brown and Company Media > Book, [PU: Little, Brown]

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Details zum Buch
Two Times: on the Road with Patti Smith

When singer Patti Smith toured in 1995, for the first time in almost 20 years, R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe tagged along as tour photographer. Two Times Intro is the resulting photo diary--as Stipe calls it--and it's filled with his moody black-and-white prints and Polaroids (taken with an ancient camera by Smith guitarist Oliver Ray) that capture a specific mood of Smith's as she moves through the shifting, impersonal spaces--taxis, concrete backstage areas, empty theaters--of life on tour. Stipe is a long-time Smith fan, as he recalls in an essay in the book: he "bought her first album the day it came out. It was mind-blowing--emotional and imperfect, swirling, B&W." His photographs of Smith and her band mates display the same emotional intensity and incongruity that her music originally stirred in him. The layout, executed completely in black and white with echoes of imperfections like torn Scotch tape, creases, and torn edges seemingly photocopied onto the page, gives readers a sense of watching an ancient black-and-white television--scratchy, static-filled, impenetrable, and mysterious, but also somehow comforting. All of this is evocative of both Smith's music and her lyrics, and in that it is a strange but fitting homage to her. Stipe intersperses throughout the images musings about Smith by the likes of William S. Burroughs, who calls her "a shaman--that is someone in touch with other levels of reality," Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, and long-time friend and fellow musician Lenny Kaye. Ultimately, the book is not a photographic triumph but it should be very compelling to Smith and Stipe fans alike.

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EAN (ISBN-13): 9780316815727
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0316815721
Gebundene Ausgabe
Erscheinungsjahr: 1998
Herausgeber: Little Brown & Co (T)

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