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Affiliate program


Do you want to offer your users a very special service? Then integrate our search technology into your website and thereby increase customer loyalty.

The pilars of the eurobuch.com affiliate program:

  1. books:You will receive a commission for all items sold through eurobuch.com, be it new, used or antique.
  2. Membership commission: You will receive 30 Euro for each new "Power-User membership" facilitated by you.
  3. Cross-advertising: Being an affiliate partner entitles you to have your website listed on the eurobuch.com homepage.
Detailed information: 

You have 2 possibilities to integrate the eurobuch.com affiliate program on your website:

Possibility A - Ready to use advertising elements:

You can use pre-programmed search forms or banners, where eurobuch.com is called up in a new browser window. This possibility is recommended for participants who have little or no experience in programming. The implementation is extremely easy.

You can choose ready to use advertising elements here .

Possibility B - search form adapted to the design of your website:

This possibility requires a certain amount of programming effort. Therefore it is suitable only for participants with the corresponding know-how. You can seamlessly integrate the book search of eurobuch.com in your website by using our affiliate interphase (API).
You will find further information in the document outlining the
technical description.


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